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 November 15, 2017

ACS Group Opens Tech Center

ACS Group invests in state-of-the-art technology center. Located just down the road from their Primary Manufacturing Operations location.

“Our goal is to provide a customer showcase for our products, a research & development facility foraccelerating the release of new products, and a training area to ensure a strong future for talented workers”

ACS Group manufactures a wide range of products under the leading brand names of AEC, Cumberland, and Sterling.




 January 6, 2017

Wabash New Lab Testing Area:

This summer, Wabash established a test lab, away from our production area for customer testing and demonstrations.  The installation currently includes two Microlim machines, a G30H-12-X Compression press with programmable force, heating and cooling (with Sterling chiller),  a Carver AutoSeries press and manual press.  More information will follow as we continue to develop the area.

Microlim Update

As mentioned above, we now have a dedicated area for customer testing of potential Microlim applications.  We are able to accommodate trials using 2 part silicone and our Graco meter mix, or premix material and using a small pressure pot.  We will work with customers to accommodate their specific nozzle tip and any other necessary adaptation. 



 January 20, 2016

New MicroLIM press from Wabash 1/4/2016

Ideal for clean room and medical applications, the hybrid servo-pneumatic MICROLIM Liquid Injection Molding Machine is designed for shot sizes from less than 1cc to 15cc. The MICROLIM features clamp force up to 17 tons and accurate shot size control from a patented plunger design with "center shutoff" nozzle.


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